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Corporate Fine Art
Consulting Projects



In order to create an artistic focal point that would show stability without appearing too decorative, we placed a traditional architectural fine art print of the New York Stock Exchange between two conference rooms.


Audax Group

Black and white photography had previously dominated this corporate firm’s reception area, creating a drab, monochromatric atmosphere. A colorful fine art abstract oil painting replaced the photography, bringing a revitalized energy to the space.



In order to soften the masculinity of the dark walls and leather furnishings of the corporate reception area, we installed two complementary fine art floral oil paintings.


Baker Botts

This corporate client wanted to add energy to a very large, bleak boardroom with considerable amounts of wall space. Multiple bold fine art abstract oil paintings were placed in succession along the longest wall to liven up the large room.



The walls in this conference room were painted a very bland color. By installing an artwork in the center of the wall, it broke up the uniformity and enlivened the space while keeping true to the soft shades of color prevalent throught the conference area.

Well, the artwork is up and so is morale…the employees are very pleased with the art selections made for the corporate offices and it really adds a finishing touch to our newly renovated office space.
— Fireman’s Fund

Bank Julius Baer

This corporate office spanned several floors and, in order to unify the space and highlight the architecture, we commissioned a well known sculptor to create a floor to ceiling fine art sculpture to fill the empty stairwell.



We worked closely with this corporate client over a period of time to amass a warm, sophisticated collection of fine art that reflected the philosophy of the "personal, one-on-one" approach they take with their corporate clients. It also created a comfortable atmosphere for their staff.


Fish & Richardson

This noted law firm wanted their fine art collection to reflect their history and reputation as a leading global law firm specializing in patents. A fine art oil painting of the Manhattan skyline was commissioned for their brightly lit corporate reception area. In addition, fine art relating to historical American inventors was placed in each of their conference rooms.



In order to break up the monotony of a long, bare conference room, we placed a colorfully energetic fine art abstract oil painting at the end of the conference table to create a focal point.


FTI Consulting

We created continuity within this corporate office by strategically placing two complimentary fine art pieces on perpendicular walls. This helped guide people from the reception area into the main office and set the tone for the fine art in the remainder of the corporate office space.

Thanks to their perfect timing and almost magical ability to gauge our artwork needs, MFI Art Company has become a trusted and valued partner of my organization.
— Scholastic
Terry,February 27, 2009,40x30, oil on birch panel, $3000.jpg


This large architectural firm had just completed work on a retail project under the 59th Street Bridge and wanted to commemorate the completion of the job. We placed this vibrant fine art painting of the bridge and hung it outside Hugh Hardy's office.



In what was a drably colored corporate reception area, we installed a brightly colored wide format Cibachrome fine art photograph that worked well within the overall space and provided incredible detail for the viewer to explore.



This job was particularly challenging as our corporate client had two very different artistic tastes to balance: the senior advisors wanted fine art with a traditional feel while the younger brokers favored a more modern aesthetic. We put together a collection of fine art that started with a modern feel in the reception area, but gradually transitioned to more traditional fine art further inside the corporate office.



This corporate office is located directly above Grand Central Station. The fine art in the reception area featured an abstracted view of the inside of the station as seen from above. The rest of the fine art throughout the corporate office featured abstract city life.


Merrill Lynch – East 53rd Street Branch

For the client's Midtown corporate office reception area, an artist was commissioned to create these two fine art etchings depicting the downtown financial district in order to evoke the financial presence and strength of "Wall Street." This set the tone for the fine art of New York City architectural imagery that we placed throughout the rest of the corporate office space.

The workmanship is excellent and the improvement in the art décor of our firm is remarkable. MFI Art Company’s guidance in the artwork selection process was invaluable.
— Loeb & Loeb